The Exhibition

capitulatievlag-mainUnique Collaboration
The Second World War in 100 Objects was a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition made possible through the cooperation of twenty-five Dutch war and Resistance museums. The museums involved in this unique collaboration provided exceptional objects from their collections, which are being presented together for the first time at one location. These 100 objects tell the story of the Second Word War in an original way. Every object has a moving, disturbing or remarkable history. The exhibition could be seen at the contemporary art museum the Kunsthal in Rotterdam from 5 February thru 5 May 2014. Once the exhibition has closed, information about these 100 select objects will continue to be available via this website.

Guest Curator Ad van Liempt
Ad van Liempt, who put together this exhibition, chose these objects from the splendid collections of twenty-five war museums and commemoration centres in the Netherlands.   Top pieces from other organizations and private collections were added to round out the selection. Altogether these objects tell the poignant story of the Second World War – they serve in keeping the memory of this wartime period alive.

What was displayed here is only a portion of the rich and varied assortment of the war museums and memorial centres participating in this exhibition. These institutions are the guardians of this property: safeguarding it for future generations. Each and every one of these places is worth a visit.

The exhibition is an initiative of the National Committee 4 and 5 May in the Netherlands, in collaboration with the Dutch Foundation Museums and Remembrance Centres 40-45 (SMH 40-45).